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Regional Awards in China

The final competition, 10 research teams will get the competition award.
(1) One Gold Award, 150000RMB each
(2) One Silver Award, 100000RMB each
(3) Three Bronze Award, 60000RMB each
(4) Five Honorable Mention, 30000RMB each。

Each award above is shared by the participating students, the advising teacher, and the sponsoring school. Both the team teacher and the sponsoring school will be awarded 15%. The participating students will share, equally, the remaining 70% of the awards.

Upon request, chair of the Selection Committees could provide confirmations, comments and recommendations for the awardees for academic purposes (e.g. college entrance applications).

Depending on the quality and relevance of the entries each year, there may also be a special award for research on financial mathematics called “Fellow of Actuaries”.

The Organizing Committee will cover the delegates of the winning teams’ board, lodge, travel expenses for the oral defense and award presentation ceremony.

Award Ceremony

The first Shing-Tung Yau High School Applied Mathematical Sciences Awards ceremony would be held on December 17th, 2010 in Beijing.


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